Holiday on the Titanic

In July an expedition will leave St. John, Newfoundland on a voyage to the wreck of the Titanic. The voyage is organized by Deep Ocean Expeditions, which was founded by Australian adventurer Mike McDowell in 1998. The company owns several deep sea "submersibles" - underwater craft smaller than submarines. This expedition will use a special Russian-owned ship. Its crew (01) has 15 years’ experience in deep sea diving expeditions. The ship offers spacious cabins and a top-class chef prepares the meals. The 608-kilometre journey to the Titanic wreck takes two days. During the voyage experts give lectures on marine life and deep sea diving.

Sad and beautiful

At the site of the wreck, the team send radar devices to the bottom of the ocean so the submersibles can navigate around the wreck. The divers spend time in the submersibles to make sure no one suffers from claustrophobia. The dive lasts 10 hours: the submersibles descend 3,600 metres to the bottom of the ocean. Brigitte Saar made the trip in 2001. She explains what she saw: "Finally we see the old lady: Titanic’s starboard side towers in front of the sub. She’s sad and beautiful and much bigger than I imagined. After visiting the boat deck, we visit the grand staircase. When the chandeliers are visible outside my porthole, I don’t know what to feel: panic because the sub is literally stuck, or sadness because in my inner eye I can see elegant people enjoying themselves in their first-class luxury world."


Are you a real adventurer? Check out the next scheduled trip with Deep Ocean Expeditions. The cost of a ticket? Around 37,000 US dollars!

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